Here, break this.

Break This is a monthly newsletter I’m offering to connect with my community in a real way on all things (UN)becoming. You’ll be receiving a new installment around the 20th of each month so keep an eye out on your spam just in case! Here you can expect intimate readings (yes, just like a podcast for paid subscribers, but lower stakes), process notes about forthcoming projects/novels, thoughts on re-doing things your own way, publishing discoveries I’m making as a newer author, and dispatches from my attempts at un-adulting (aka making my inner child happy and trashing all the other pretentious stuff expected of us).

Break what tho?

Well, everything. Sort of. Break This is a self-compassionate space of personal and institutional defiance where we can explore the what-if’s of listening to our own inner compass. A lot can change after two years in the house. And I hope one of those things was you and who you think you answer to.

Right now this newsletter is totally free with several paid *options* should you be moved to both support my work as well as reserve some exclusive experiences for yourself (like voice letters, partial manuscript reviews, merch). I love love LOVE sharing myself with my readers and community but it won’t all be free, given the time and labor that goes into it. I’m an artist, not a content creator. So all the extras come at a price that is well worth it. However, I do believe in making art accessible at the levels that are possible for us all. Either way, investment is up to you, friend.

Thank you for being here and enjoy.

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candice iloh

Candice Iloh is a first-generation Nigerian-American writer and the author of National Book Award Finalist, Every Body Looking & forthcoming, Break This House (May 2022).